I grew up in Southern Ontario with two brothers a sister and loving parents. Our family was very close, did a lot of things together… still do. I have an older brother who loves to write (does it while walking to work), a sister who loves to help people (she’s a nurse) and a younger brother who loves to have fun (nothing wrong with that) and two parents whose only goal in life was to make sure their children were happy (not by being spoiled).

Married for many years to a caring, loving person. A son, 23 years old, still in school and still at home.

Me? I’m the social one, I like to be with people, meet new people, see what makes them tick and what makes them special. My career has evolved from technical work, to management and finally senior management looking after a very diverse Team of Engineers working on large Public Safety projects. I like, actually love my job.  The people I work with are what make it so interesting. I’ve done quite a bit of volunteer work, spending many years on volunteer boards. Currently taking a break from that but will surely get the ‘bug’ soon.

I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years and keep adding to that collection as I go; sailing (racing), biking (trails mostly), skiing (green and blue runs only), carving (didn’t last long), reading (started early and still doing it), white water kayaking (brief but still interested), working out (spinning and weights), scuba diving (was really into this until my dive buddies disappeared), blogging (on and off again… trying to fix that) and the latest interest; fly fishing (know absolutely nothing about it but I got a kit for Christmas 2014 and can’t wait to try it!).

The ‘dan blog’ is about my experiences, plain and simple. I like to insert a little humour when appropriate and share ideas. Sometimes I stray into mini-reviews but not sure there is any value in that… something I’ll be reviewing this year.

For visitors and followers of this space, my hope is that what I write here will make you smile, laugh or think thoughtful thoughts without wasting too much of your time.


  1. Hey Dan, how are you? Sorry to comment on your About page but I couldn’t find a way to reply to you. My name is Amure, im the CEO of Blogo and I saw you were looking for a desktop blogging tool for your Mac. I just want to let you know that we’ve just released our 21-day trial version and I would be honoured if you could test it.

    Cant wait to read your thoughts and feedbacks.


    1. I looked at Blogo briefly and decided against it based on the ‘photo’ not being shown. Not sure why it bothered me but it did. I’d be willing to try it gor sure 🙂

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