The Election…

Man, oh man…what a barn burner.  It’s hard to have respect for ANY political party the way they are carrying on.  I have seen 5 year old children behave better.

In Canadian politics there is a belief, at the local level, that your “Member of Parliament” has some kind of power….NOT.  The power lies in the Prime Minister’s office.  Your local MP might not be to your liking, but if you like their leader’s policies, he or she gets your vote.

Can you say R  E  F  O  R  M ?  Reform is definitely needed.  I’m no expert in politics, in fact I’m no expert in anything.  I’m just a regular citizen who is getting frustrated with the process.

Obviously we are very lucky living in Canada, other countries don’t have the freedoms we have, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for positive change.  Even my 17 year old son says he will probably never vote, why you might ask?  He watched the leaders debate and thought they were a bunch of fools!  What happened to respect?  These are supposed to be our leaders!!!


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