New President in the US…

US Election 2008

Being a Canadian, and slightly interested in political matters, I found this US election fascinating.  From the beginning I was hoping for a Barack Obama victory, why, just because he seemed to want to bring about real change.

In Canada, real change means getting a politician to do what he/she said they would do…good luck with that.

I will be going to Pennsylvania in a few weeks and look forward to talking to some Americans to see how they feel about the results.  Maybe we can discuss the election over a couple of Yuenglings!  (While in Canada, I am partial to Moosehead, it’s a fact that you never get hangovers with Moosehead!!).

CORRECTION: I said in my last post that we Canadians are still using paper ballots, inferring that the Americans don’t.  Well I was wrong, in the US they use paper ballots in some states too…sorry for the confusion.


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