Dan’s Photos v2…


In the last post I went on and on about SmugMug, now I’ll go a little further…

First of all, I posted some links that probably don’t work anymore… I was fooling around with my photo galleries all night! I made several modifications…

The more I play with SmugMug, the more I like the interface.  Uploading photos takes a little time but there is no getting around that.  The slide shows are BEAUTIFUL!  So far I have tried cropping, adding tags, and captions.  All were easy to understand and implement.

Anyway, the real reason for this updated post is to give you this link to Dan’s SmugMug page.  It’s all you really need, and will work if I make any changes.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Let’s hope the new year brings some joy and happiness to everyone, everywhere.


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