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I just finished reading Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins.  I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out this was the first book in a series on Earth’s Last Days.  The series has quite a following, interesting that I had never heard of it before.  The writing duo has quite a list of accomplishments to their credit.  Have a look at the Official Left Behind Series site.

I found this book highly readable and give it a “recommended” ranking.  I’ll let you know if I continue the series.

I just started reading The Constant Gardener, by John le Carre.  As with other le Carre books I’ve read, it is hard to get started, but once you get past the first chapter, things warm up.  The book is about a young woman who is murdered and a husband who is searching for her killers, set in Kenya.  I got that from the jacket as I haven’t got to far into the book yet.

This is one of those books, at least for me, that you just have to stick with and hope for the best.  No recommendation yet.



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