Boyz Weekend ’09


The annual “Boyz Weekend” was very successful.  How do we measure success?  We all made it home!  This year we stayed at Luc’s cottage in Northern Ontario.  The black flies were biting, the fish not so much.  We spent a lot of time in the water this year including some cliff jumping from the locally famous “lion’s head”.  Night time activities ranged from shooters, to fires, more shooters, cards, dice, poker, and let’s not forget… more shooters.

This year was eventful; starting with a dry hot tub, a half-sunk jet ski, water-logged wallet and cell phone, broken dock (twice), a kitchen fire, and worst of all… a broken plunger!

This annual pilgrimage started way back in 2001 when we started with houseboats.  The “boyz” continued with the houseboats for four more years.  Looking for more comfort we have since rented cottages.  Regardless of where we go or what we see the common denominator is great times, great food, lots of booze, hardly any fish, and above all spending time with family and friends.

Luc, you were a great host and we had a great time with lots and lots of stories to tell.


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