Guinness Record ?

Davey, Derek, Dan, and Tom

Saturday, July 18th 2009 was a day that MIGHT go down in history… we hope.  Gilboa Quarry in Ohio hosted the record breaking challenge to have the “Most Submurged Divers at One Time“.

The boys, seen above, made the six hour trip from South-Western Ontario to be part of history.  The actual dive was like nothing I have ever seen before… there were more divers than fish!

According to a newspaper article in the London Free Press (thanks Tom) 794 divers showed up for the event, beating the current freshwater record of 725.  The record stands at 979 for most divers submerged in ANY body of water which was set in February 2006 off the Maldives.

Whatever happens… we all had a good time.


1 Comment

  1. Good time had by all. I need to get a lighter wetsuit before we go there again. Definitely not drysuit territory.
    talk to you soon

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