Sailing ’09… NOT


Another sailing season is over… unfortunately for me, it never began.  The season started out with great fanfare (always wanted to use that word!).  Unfortunately, with the weather being poor and a busy year at work, I didn’t get on the water once… that’s right, not ONCE.  In fact, I didn’t even get the mast raised.

When I went to pick the boat up, for winter storage, I could tell she wasn’t very happy!  To make amends we gave her a good cleaning before putting her away for the winter.  Let’s hope next year brings more opportunity to hit the open water.

The Sandpiper is a very interesting little sailboat; it’s one of the few with a fully retractable 300lb keel.  The Sandpiper is very stable under heavy winds, and very fun to sail.  The last Sandpiper was made in 1993.  There is a very active Sandpiper’s Owners Group, you can see their website here.


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