Oh Deer…

The unthinkable happened to me this morning around 3:30am.  I was coming home from work, on a rural highway, in the fog.  The speed limit was 80k but I could only get to 60k in the pea soup.  I was concentrating so hard on the road, hadn’t seen a car in 30 minutes, when the deer crossed right in front of me.  I barely had time to hit the brakes…

I pulled over and looked behind to see the poor creature struggle into the forest.  Since it wasn’t safe to pull over I continued down the road until I found a better place.  When I had a look at the front of my truck I couldn’t believe the damage!  The only part untouched was the driver’s side headlight, everything else was gone!  I didn’t think I hit him/her that hard.

I wonder if those “deer whistles” really work?  Majority of people say NO.

I hope the deer didn’t suffer too much…


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