GTD Day 1

They say GTD (Getting Things Done) can be profound.  I started on this path mainly because there was a possible new job on the horizon that could potentially take up a lot of my time… I figured it was time to get organized.

It was actually my son who got me started with all his “ToDo” APP reviews; from ‘Things’ to ‘ToDo’ to ‘OmniFocus’ the list seemed endless.  In fact, it seems like every second APP helps you create a list to show you how many things you just aren’t getting done!

Enter GTD which doesn’t push any APP, instead, it recommends a lifestyle change.  So far I’ve done the following:

  1. Bought the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.
  2. Settled on one APP for managing my To Dos… OmniFocus (not cheap $20).
  3. Created a GTDish system on my Microsoft Outlook account.

Today I want to concentrate on the Outlook part… by creating a few folders I’ve been able to get to ‘Zero Inbox’ every day!  This is also know as ‘Nirvana’.  I know what you’re saying; “Yeah, but the email is still there…”.  True, but the beauty is that I can now look into each folder, knock a bunch of stuff off and move on… somehow it works.

My folders:

  • @ACTIONABLE (things I need to do)
  • @INCUBATE (things on hold or for possible action later on)
  • @REVIEW/READ (things to review or read when time permits)
  • @WAIT 4 REPLY (item has been delegated… now waiting for a reply)
  • @WAIT 4 TIME (items to do some day)

By the way… David Allen himself says that becoming a GTD guru could take as long as two years so you need to be patient.


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