Eureka Moment!


Day #?? – 10 Days to a Better Blog

Ever had one of those eureka moments? Mine came this morning, about 15 minutes ago, while making a coffee. It came out of nowhere as these things do.

I was going through the motions of making my coffee, when out of nowhere I suddenly realized why I managed to commit to some things and not others. Community! I’ve been a member of a few volunteer boards, joined a gym to take part in spinning classes, play soccer every Friday (scored two goals last night) among many other things.

Of course I enjoy doing those activities but I’ve stuck with them all for many, many years. The difference being the people I met, grew to admire, learn to trust, and generally enjoy being around.

The ’10 Days to a Better Blog’ community, although temporary, might be exactly what I need to keep at this thing called blogging. Thanks John!

Had to get this on ‘paper’ quick, it was heading to that region in my mind where things just disappear.