On being “Quoted”


Recently I was ‘quoted’ by Dan Langendorf on his post titled; Looking Ahead at the Desk Community.

We had just completed a challenge started by John over at Desk.pm. The challenge was called 10 Days to a Better Blog. The goal was to have new and old bloggers alike revive their love of writing. While reviewing the comments on their forum, I came across a comment by Dan that I was tagged on. Following the link to his blog and reading the post, my first thought was “Wow! I’ve been quoted!”

After the initial shock subsided, I looked around to see who I could tell. Unfortunately, the folks standing around me at Starbucks, even though well educated or at least well informed, would probably not see the majesty of it all.

The reason I bring this up is that I have quoted people from time to time, never considering what they might think. When I wrote that particular piece I think, subconsciously, I was hoping for a reaction. After all I wasn’t all that happy the challenge was over. Now I have a new goal… to be quoted a second time!

Dan, thanks for the topic!