Workplace Stress

stress-391659_640 Ever had one of those days where you felt like your head was going to explode? Ever had two in a row, maybe a week? That’s the kind of week, or two, that I’m having right now. I want to dig a little deeper into why this is happening, more for myself than anything else. However, my goal by the end of this post is to find something, anything that can put a smile on my face.

Let us begin…

Many people experience stress at work and I’m sure if you Google’d it, the results would be off the charts. I often hear about this phenomenon in the news or from colleagues and think to myself; “Come on, suck it up, can’t be that bad.” But I’m starting to find out it can be that bad. In fact, when several large projects collide, I’d say it can be much worse than ‘bad’, just can’t think of the right word.

I’ve found that one way to de-stress is to exercise. I feel great, for a while, then it all comes back. While I like exercising, it wouldn’t be practical to exercise all day. Sure, it would feel good, but I’d get nothing done. Another factor is the amount of hours in a day you can work. Even if you commit to working extra to solve these problems, you have to sleep eventually. Lately I’ve gone to sleep thinking of ‘work’ and just lay there staring at the ceiling.

Where does that leave me?

Obviously the work has to get done. The nature of my work leaves no other option. I really do love challenges. In the end, I’ll find a way to solve these problems that seem insurmountable right this minute with help from my colleagues and Team. Later, we’ll look back on these projects, smile and say; “We did it!”

But until then… it’s back to work.


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