WordPress App

WordPress updated their IOS app on February 25th. Here are my observations so far…

Note that this entire post, including the lame photo, was all done on my iPhone 5s.

The update includes the following:

  • New visual editor 
  • Option to edit image settings 
  • Ability to retry failed image uploads
  • Updated navigation 

The new WYSIWYG editor is a big improvement and the main reason I can create this post. The ability to work in HTML is still available. 

The ability to edit images is also welcome. The picture for this post was quickly drawn on a Post-It note, photographed and placed into this post. I used the image editor to change the size and center it. 

Not sure what the third does for me. I haven’t experienced any problems with image uploads. 

The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen is clean and easy to use.

  1. My Sites brings you back to My Sites page where all your blogs are listed or to the main Site page where you’ll find all the usual options for that particular blog, if you are deeper into the app. 
  2. The Reader gives you access to all the blogs you follow. 
  3. Add a new post (+Pencil) allows you to quickly create and publish a post, or work in draft mode. 
  4. Me opens the Account Settings page. Here you can adjust Max Image Upload Size and chose your default Editor mode. 
  5. Notifications will display likes, comments and new followers. You can also mediate comments or visit sites of people that have liked one of your posts. 

I like the look and feel of this latest update. Up until now I only used the app to keep tabs on stats and notifications. With the new editor, I plan on publishing more from my phone or tablet. The Reader was always available but is now easier to access. 

Overall, a welcome update. Makes the app more useable. This post took me an hour to produce. In between phone calls and meetings. Not bad 🙂


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