Spring Ahead


The good news is that the sun will be out an hour later, the bad news is you just lost an hour. Don’t try thinking about where the hour went, you’ll get a headache. I changed a couple clocks before going to bed, others waited until the morning and still others, the smart ones, do it all on their own. These are the smart phones and some cars. Vehicles used to be the worst, pushing all those buttons in cryptic sequences, while driving and groggy from losing that hour of sleep was a recipe for disaster.

I got up a little later than I wanted and rushed over to the gym for my regular Sunday morning spinning class. I arrived on time. The class is full of responsible adults but only half them showed up. The other half showed up late, too late to participate.

Makes you wonder…

I used to think this was a stupid exercise, done twice a year. However, now that I’m getting a little older, I see the value. Not for the farmers or whoever else this was supposed to help but for the shear novelty. To see how people will react. It’s kind of like injecting a little excitement into what could otherwise have been an uneventful weekend.

Some benefits and drawbacks according to Wikipedia page on Daylight Savings Time:

Proponents of DST generally argue that it saves energy, promotes outdoor leisure activity in the evening (in summer), and is therefore good for physical and psychological health, reduces traffic accidents, reduces crime, or is good for business.

Sounds to me like Daylight Savings Time solves just about everything, it’s truly a miracle.

Opponents argue that actual energy savings are inconclusive, that DST increases health risks such as heart attack, that DST can disrupt morning activities, and that the act of changing clocks twice a year is economically and socially disruptive and cancels out any benefit. Farmers have tended to oppose DST.


Seriously… wow!

I’ve been blaming the farmers for this ridiculous exercise and they seem to be against it.

I don’t think I can write anymore on this subject, I’ve learned something that has literally rocked my world. Besides, I have to get the bloody manual out for my alarm system. It’s even more complicated to change than the clock in my old Jeep.

Happy DST everyone!


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