Missed my Window


To Post or Not to Post…

Had an interesting story to share today but felt it was a little too late to post. Planned to post by 9 am but got tied up in a meeting, 10 am rolled around but I was at one of our other offices, away from my computer. Pretty soon it was time for lunch and the window was closed. Much too late to post from my understanding.

There are several articles written on the subject, here’s one from Blog Tyrant:

The best time of day to post

The best time to publish your blog posts, for most blogs, is between 9:30am and 11am USA East Coast time.

This is the time when most people are online or about to come online. The reasons I post at 9:30am and no 9:00am is because at the earlier time people are still reading all their other feeds and emails. I want my post to appear while the are online, I don’t want it to be there when they turn on the computer.

So it’s too late to share my story, maybe tomorrow, if work doesn’t interfere.


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