Unboxing a GoPro


It had to happen eventually… my very own unboxing video.

I watch these things all the time. Some are very well done, some not so much. They are all interesting in their own way. I wrote about this once before, briefly. About why anyone would go out of their way to see what’s in that box, before their own arrives. A very strange thing to do but oddly addictive.

I want to make my own but not sure why or even how… another challenge maybe.

The world certainly doesn’t need another unboxing video, especially on this topic – a GoPro. There are many dozens of them on this exact subject, on this exact model. So I tried to do something different, add a little humour, add a favourite song and a little orange.

I have many ways to make a video; a Nikon D90, a Fuji X100 or any of my son’s cameras – didn’t use any of them though. Made the video with a camera borrowed from a friend; a Panasonic GX7.

The camera was on a tripod, an old drop-cloth draped over the kitchen table and a flashlight pointed in the general direction of the unboxing as if I was lighting a stage. After a couple test runs, I went for it. When completed, a little over five minutes, downloaded it onto my Mac then struggled for a couple hours to get it into iMovie. Once there, had to wait for my son to get up to help me with the editing. It was my first time using iMovie.

A couple hours later, I had the finished product. Made some mistakes, whole scenes out of focus, lighting a little off but a good start. Learnt quite a bit about video editing but still only scratched the surface.

Here it is, my first unboxing…



  1. Wow, a very impressive production. I admit, I am a tech freak and have watched many unboxing videos. Yours, especially with the majestic music was pretty cool. You will enjoy that GoPro–I don’t have one (yet) but have been tempted…

    1. Not sure it’s “impressive”, but I’ll take the compliment and thank you for it đŸ™‚

      The music is by Nightwish from their Imaginaerum album (the track is called Imaginaerum).

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