Checking Out


Checking out early!

I was supposed to be in Ottawa until Friday but was able to rearrange some meetings and get them done a day early. Stopped at the front desk to give them the good news… for me, not them.

Tried to get everything in order the night before but was too tired and not thinking straight. Knowing it wasn’t the right decision, decided to organize everything the next morning. I did remember to plug in my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The Windows PC stayed in it’s bag. Took a look around the room to make sure everything was in disorder then got comfortable with a good book.

Woke up today and surprise… the room was still disordered.

Took one look at the clock and realized I needed to get moving. Jumped out of bed and and ran around the room making sure I had everything. Got cleaned up and started packing. Checked the closet – twice, the bathroom – twice, making sure I had all those charging cables, two computer bags, two cameras (neither were used) and my rolling suitcase.

I don’t like leaving my room in a mess so I made sure all the towels were in the tub – in a neat pile, the bed semi-made, TV remote right back where it belongs and all the lights off.

Loaded everything in the company vehicle then went back to do all that checking one last time. Funny thing about rushing around is that you end up taking twice as long checking for forgotten items.

Of course, there was nothing there and I finally checked out. Headed out for a busy day, a little stressed because of the rushing around and meetings all jammed together, to buy me that extra time but happy to leave early.

P.S. I’ll probably look back on this post and want to delete it. Wrote it while having a really quick coffee and oatmeal at Starbucks. Took about 15 minutes and that’s really all it’s worth.


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