Being Personal on Facebook


Things That Bug Me

Facebook is good for a lot of things…

Keeping track of your family and friend’s activities, sharing special photos or adventures and even hot-off-the-press news.

But try getting personal with someone you like or love and LOOK OUT!

Recently a friend expressed herself openly and publicly on Facebook and was immediately attacked by someone, via the comment section.

Sometimes, free speech can go too far. What gives anyone the right to attack someone who is obviously speaking to a very close friend or loved one? Put simply, these people are bullies.  Social media is rife with opinionated folks…  an easy place to throw stones.

For those that insist on attacking out some misguided belief they know better… shame on you.

  • Things that make me Smile: 0
  • Things that Bug me: 1
  • Things that make me go Hmm: 0

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