What You Learn in 15 Minutes

I did something unusual today…

Woke up early, away from home, sitting in a hotel room, the day’s activities not starting for a couple hours, I decided to head down to the breakfast area. Normally I skip this, not being a breakfast person.

I grabbed some fruit and yoghurt, found a table for two in the far corner, setup my Mac thinking I would check my personal email, maybe play around with my Flickr account or maybe even post something on my blog.

All that was thrown out the window when the gentlemen sitting beside me struck up a conversation…

He was in town for a wedding and went on to explain every last detail. A princess wedding he called it. He was probably close to my age and the conversation drifted to our own special day.

Those were obviously simpler times, for both of us. Decorations consisted of a few balloons, something tied to a chair and maybe a flower on the table. There was, the standard for those times, a bottle of red and white wine, painstakingly chosen, on the table as well. I remember having a lot of fun at my wedding, so did he. Neither of us clearly remembered the details about the decorations, although we agreed our wives most definitely would.

This one was fun too, he said, even though, much of the time was spent admiring the elaborate setup.

I found out he was from Quebec, doesn’t drink, prefers to stay close to events so he doesn’t have to drive, likes to play Word Search games, runs triathlons and is a Florist by profession.

All that in fifteen minutes!

Meeting and talking to strangers is one of the small pleasures in life… try it.


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