Apple EarPods


Forgot my standard iPhone EarPods at home today. No problem… had another set in my glovebox.

The legacy EarBuds were a mess. All tied up in knots and kind of dirty.

So why did I keep them?

There are many hundreds, maybe thousands of headphones available for our phones these days. I’ve tried some of them but have always preferred the plain old Apple version. There’s even a Wiki page devoted to them… Apple Earbuds

Having no other choice and very much aware of the rules while driving, I donned the headphones and went on with my business. They worked fine… despite the knots and dirt.

Like most things, you can research till you’re blue in the face and find both good and bad reviews. In the end, only your review really counts and I like them, mostly for their simplicity but also for their durability.

Upon returning home, the first thing I did was hook up the newer version while the old, knotted and dirty ones went right back into my glovebox.

Not so interesting fact… I didn’t know the new version of Apple headphones were called EarPods. How did I miss that?


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