The Gutters


Took the day off to work around the house, get caught up with chores after being away for work every second week.

After re-arranging the basement to make room for our new patio furniture (storing it there for the winter), I tried wrapping a weirdly shaped shrub with burlap. Used a whole role and still couldn’t cover it. My first experience with burlap and hopefully my last.

Next on my list was the Christmas lights…

I like to get the lights up while the wire is still pliable, while my fingers still have feeling, before the snow falls and above all else, while my neighbours are still wandering about to give me advice.

It was while up the ladder, clipping on those lights, that I noticed the millions of pointy-ended seed pods stuck in my foam-filled gutters. The foam is there to keep the leaves out. The “original foam filler insert” by Gutter Stuff seemed a good idea at the time but after a few years, it seems to be breaking down.

I  used the ShopVac to vacuum the gutters on the lower roof, the upper roof was too high… I’ll assume it’s OK.

Working from a ladder is precarious enough at the best of times. Working at heights, with a vacuum in one hand, on an uneven surface was pushing the limits of what a person should be doing… I filled the ShopVac twice with these little quills.

Now to the point of this post…

Understanding that there are options these days to stop leaves and other airborne debris from clogging our gutters; screens, foam, etc… there still seems to be mixed reviews. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution… I wonder why?


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