Apple Watch – First Impressions


We are an Apple House… from iPods to iPads (several generations) to iPhones (several generations) to Mac computers and most recently… the Apple Watch.

Just to set the record straight, the watch belongs to my son Josh. See his post Day 1 with the Apple Watch. He thought I’d like to give it a try. I haven’t worn a watch in years… preferring to use my iPhone as my all-in-one information source.

He took some time to pair it up with my iPhone 5s, showing me how to use the watch in the process.

I wore it for a week…

Reminders and alerts were expected to play a big role with this type of device and the Apple Watch didn’t let me down. The ability to answer calls, use Siri, play my favourite music and use it to track my workouts was icing on the cake. The heart rate monitor was very accurate although the calories burnt, during a workout, seemed slightly off.

Pros: time, date, meetings, to do lists, reminders, alerts were all readily available without pulling my iPhone out. The watch is also able to provide information on calls and music. You can even answer your phone from the watch like a secret agent!

Cons: communicates with phone at all times via Bluetooth meaning the iPhone battery takes a small hit. I’ve noticed my battery only last half as long as usual but I do have an older phone. Like most watches, the band can get irritating after wearing all day long.

This trial all came about when I suggested I might want a fitness tracker for Christmas… my son thought I might be better served by the Apple Watch which does a whole lot more.

I’m still undecided…


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  1. I found the fitness tracking integration with the native health app to be a huge plus. It also feeds my calorie tracking app. The notifications are outstanding and they’re creating more and more native watch apps to avoid the handoff to the phone. Still feels a little thick and bulky for me, though. Looking forward to future generations.

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