I woke up one morning…

Did you ever wake up with an idea that just wouldn’t go away?

I had one of those days a couple weeks ago, usually I file it away under “interesting” and go back to bed.  Unfortunately this particular idea wouldn’t go away so I figured, why not give it a try, what could possibly go wrong.

Now, I have had similar experiences in the past, the most recent being scuba diving (just completed my advanced certification), sailing (still sailing after 25 years), and soccer (playing for awhile, but don’t quite have the hang of it yet).

This particular morning I woke up and thought…I want to be a Photographer! Not the type that makes money, the type that wants to create his or her own art.

What do I know about Photography?  Absolutely nothing!  I shouldn’t sell myself short though, I do have a nifty “point-and-shoot” camera that I have taken several hundred pictures with.  I think however that I need to dig a little deeper into this thing called Photography so I have decided to do a little research…


Disclaimer: I ain’t no writer, just hope to make myself understood…d@nog


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