Where does one start?

Where else, a podcast of course!  There is a podcast for every interest it seems.  I searched and found several podcast related to photography, listened to several of them but settled on two that were easy listening and fun at the same time.

The Digital Photography Show

Tips from the Top Floor

I listened to ALL the back episodes of The Digital Photography Show, and several of the most recent from Tips from the Top Floor.

After listening to several hours worth of podcasts, I was still interested!!  In other words I didn’t lose interest, in fact I gained a deeper respect for the hobby.  Who knew there was so much happening in the field of photography.


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  1. I’ve listened to some of the Tips from the Top Floor podcast, too, and found them interesting. Leo Laporte has that guy as a regular guest on one of his weekend podcasts and it’s really good too. I like some of the challenges they have where people have to send in their photos on a particular theme. It’s cool to see the perspectives they bring by looking at those photos.


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