Went diving today…

The water was a balmy 57F, and air slightly warmer at 68F.  The dive was great though…clear water, a good time, surrounded by some good friends.  What more could a guy ask for?  Glad you asked!  Deeper water, that’s what.  The deepest part of the “lake” was 22′.  Not deep enough.  At this depth the air tanks last around an hour…too long when the water is 57F.

My diving buddy Tom had an interesting experience; he lost half his weights and could not descend, it’s amazing how a few pounds of lead makes such a difference.  Of course the lake bed has two feet of silt so the weights were not easily found.  Tom decided to site the dive out while three of us continued on.  When we were preparing for our second dive Tom decided to stay at our staging area to search for his missing weights.  He tied my trailer hitch to his belt to give him enough weight to descend.

When the three of us returned from our second dive Tom announced that he had found his weights!  Unbelievable!!!  Who would have thought a trailer hitch would have played such a big part in a scuba dive?


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