Downtown TO

Last week I was downtown Toronto for some company provided training.  The training was great, but even better was the extra curricular activities…

  1. Stayed at the “Downtown Hilton”, highly reccomended, especially the pool that is half indoors and half outdoors!  It was very cold when I was there and there was quite a bit of vapour rising off the warm water outside…cool!
  2. Last week happened to be “Fashion Week” in Toronto.  Several Canadian designers got to show their wares.  My buddy and I were walking around and found ourselves on the “red carpet”!  Nobody took our pictures though…I guess the old jeans, sweaters and running shoes weren’t quite up to par.
  3. Spent a couple nights at Younge and Dundas, it’s kind of like a mini Times Square, lots of action, lots of lights, and the best part of all…I found a bar that served Moosehead!!!
  4. Met a co-worker from out west (Vancouver).  He bought a couple rounds, while we were sitting outside on the patio… huddled beneath the heaters.  I promised to repay his generosity when I go out for the 2010 Olympics.

If you get a chance…give downtown Toronto a visit.


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