heading out west…

Got up really early this morning (3:30am) to start my adventure out West.

Started with an invigorating ride on the airport limo, followed by a long delay waiting for our airline to sort out some connection problems in Calgary.  Flew into Calgary and was told my flight was canceled and had to wait four hours for next flight… no big deal, was hungry for breakfast anyway.

At one point I could swear I heard my name called but wasn’t sure, my buddy Pat and I decided to walk back to the gate to investigate and sure enough they had been calling us for quite some time; in fact the whole plane was waiting for us to board!  Felt kind of important walking down the aisle with all those people staring at us… were those ‘daggers’ I saw?  Don’t think so, probably ‘awe’.

Apparently there was a mix-up… I know, I know, it’s hard to believe.

The flight to Vancouver included a stop in Kelowna, never been there before, but will be visiting later in March, after my Olympic commitment.

Arrived in Vancouver (nice weather of course), to be greeted by Liz, who was handling all the logistics.  I really wasn’t surprised to find that my luggage had been lost… Took the shuttle to a hotel in Richmond where all today’s arrivals congregated for a “meet-and-greet”, met some new friends and some old ones too!  Wait ’till you see my fancy Olympic clothing!

Got to the hotel and checked in, really nice people, and room!  No luggage though…

Luggage arrived a couple hours later… all is well.



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