olympic on-boarding…

All employees coming in for the Games attend a training day filled with interesting information about the Olympic Games past and present.  Today was my turn…

I’m sure we barely scratched the surface on what it means to be a part of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, suffice it to say that not many get the opportunity and I consider myself very lucky to be here.  The excitement around the City of Vancouver is palpable.  Particularly exciting is all the people walking around with some kind of “Vancouver 2010 / Canada” support wear… nice to see.  We have our own clothing to wear and are getting many looks.

After our training we walked back to our hotel, relaxed a little, then decided to walk to Granville Island via the bridge, took a lot of pictures.  The Granville Market is a must see, lots of shops, and FOOD!  Had supper at a little Indian place…very nice.

Took the Aquabus ‘water taxi’ back to our hotel and cut an hour off the walking trip!

Now it’s time to sleep, still getting used to the time difference…


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