feb.9.2010 famous places and people…

Toured my Olympic venue today; the Whistler Sliding Centre.  It’s quite the place, a lot bigger than I thought.  Unfortunately there was nobody practicing today so didn’t get to see any action, maybe tomorrow.  Also toured the Media Centre in the village.

Later in the day got a chance to go up Whistler Mountain, across to Blackcomb mountain on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, then back again.  Obviously this is a must see.  The views from the Peak-to-Peak Gondola are breathtaking, especially today, with the blue skies and scattered clouds… just go there and see it.

Went into Whistler village for supper, got my picture taken in front of the Araxi.  This is the restaurant that was selected as the prize for Gordon Ramsay’s season six of Hell’s Kitchen.  Had supper… not at Araxi, have to save up for that one.

Keeping with the “food” them, I had a brush with fame on the way to my hotel.  I found myself sitting across from Chef Michael Smith! He is famous for his TV series’: Chef at Home, Chef at Large, and Chef Abroad.  Had a nice chat with him about his work at the 2010 Olympic Games, he is going to be very, very busy feeding the athletes… good for him.  I don’t meet many famous people but Michael was very down to earth, friendly, and an all-round nice guy… just like on TV!

That’s it for today…

P.S. I am still trying to get some time to post some pictures, please be patient…


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