feb.10.2010 skiing accident…

Busy day at work today, putting out fires and creating some of my own.

Got a chance to watch some luge today… TV does not do this sport justice, the ‘lugers’ are going extremely fast.  I tried taking some pictures with my Nikon D90 on high-speed and could barely capture the guy!

After work; Paul and I went to the “Re-Use” store at Function/Junction, near Creekside.  We were both able to find skis, boots, and helmets.  Unfortunately Paul wasn’t wearing his when I dropped a bunch of skis on his head.  He didn’t quite go down for the count but I was getting ready to find someone who knew CPR just in case!  Can’t wait ’till we get to the slopes, I can just imagine how much damage we’ll cause… to ourselves.

How much does used ski equipment cost you might ask?  $58, including tax.  That got me Atomic skis, Marker bindings, and Salomon boots, we just need poles but Paul will be making a trip into the forest to find some nice saplings.  Paul had to have better equipment than mine so his cost around $80.  I think he’s jealous of my fancy purple ski boots…


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