feb.11.2010 ski school & hot tubs…

Very busy day at work today… really, I mean it!  However, I still had time to watch some men’s luge in the morning and ladie’s luge in the afternoon, during my break of course.

Company was generous today!  Gave me a FREE ticket to one of the Olympic events; Woman’s Alpine Skiing… can’t wait, now I have to get a cow bell.

Got back to hotel and the first order of business was to make reservations for ski school.  After yesterday’s “skiing accident” we figured some lessons were a good idea.  Guess how we get to ski school?  Go out the back door of our hotel and ski down to the Excalibur Gondola… the only problem is we don’t know how to ski yet.  The lady at the ski school suggested Paul take the bus. We are not starting blind though, we’re pretty sure the pointy end goes forward.

After a nice healthy meal; salad, we went for a workout, followed by a swim in the outdoor pool, followed by a soak in the hot-tub, followed by another swim in the pool.

We finished the off with a cold beer… Kokanee for me, A&W for Paul.



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