feb.12.2010 opening ceremonies…

Remember the other day, when I mentioned the “Ultra Secret Event” ?  It was the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony… very cool.  The only thing we didn’t see that night was the lighting of the cauldron… looks like it malfunctioned a little bit.  That’s what makes us Canadian though…

The day was overshadowed by the unfortunate accident at the Whistler Sliding Centre; the venue I work at.  It was, understandably, a very somber day at the venue… very sad.

Tomorrow is ski school… Paul and I went into town for our ‘last supper’.  We toured the Village, there were hundreds of people milling around, some watching the Opening Ceremonies on the big screen, others in the Village Square watching the acts.

Back at the hotel we had a dress rehearsal of our own… we tried on all our ski equipment… we are READY!


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