feb.13.2010 ski lessons today…

Had a much deserved day off today…

Went to ski school today with Paul.  Met our instructor; Mario in Whistler Village.  We started out the day by taking a “magic carpet ride” (kind of like a really long conveyor belt), and finished by skiing down from near the TOP of Whistler mountain!  We paralleled skied the whole way down… what a rush!  At the top we were above the clouds, in a small snow storm, then we skied through the clouds; could only see ten feet in front of us.  After a little while we came out of the clouds and continued our ride to the bottom… where it was raining.

Our group consisted of us two and Tim of the RCMP.  We made it up to level four (whatever that means), thanks to our instructor.  I highly recommend the lessons here, it made a really big difference.

Got back to our hotel, very proud of ourselves… no broken bones.  Relaxed a little and went to Squamish to replace the Tim mug that Paul bought yesterday.  I specifically told him NOT to get that gigantic Tim mug but he got it anyway.  In his defense, I guess he did try to get the right one… so he says.


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