feb.14.2010 happy valentine’s day…

Took the gondola to work today… actually, the commute started with a short bus ride from our hotel down into Whistler Village, followed by a short ride on the ‘Excalibur’ gondola up to the first stop… welcome to the Whistler Sliding Centre, sort of.  There is quite a walk to get to the track, in fact I hear it could take up to 40 minutes to walk to the top of the track!  It’s all uphill.

Today was a competition day… the lineups were HUGE but moving fast… lucky for me, I could bypass the line and go in through the “worker’s” entrance.

The excitement was palpable… the crowds were an awesome site… a lot of excitement… many foreigners.  I met a couple on the gondola who drove up from Oregon on a whim!  They were able to get tickets AND a hotel room!  Spirits were high, in short, a good time.

After work, took the gondola/bus home… about 20 minutes.

My wife called to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day this morning!  I tried to do something nice for her… she loves flowers.  My plan fell a little short though… I was worried she wouldn’t be home when the flowers were delivered so canceled the delivery thinking my son could pick them up… unfortunately he had to work so Lori had to pick them up herself… how lame is that?


OMG!!  Almost forgot (actually I did forget, adding this the next morning) Canada won GOLD! Go Canada Go!!!


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