feb.15.2010 not much to say…

Not much going on today, going to be a boring post…

Was up at 4am today… could hear snowmobiles going up and down the slopes!  I have know idea why… was finally able to get back to sleep just as the alarm went off… great.

Once again, took the bus/gondola to work…

Today’s event was Lady’s Luge.  Took a walk around the track… once again, lots of excitement.  Spoke to some foreign fans, spoke to a few of the boy’s in blue, and had a look at the shrine for the Georgian Luger; Nodar Kumaritashvili, very sad.

When I was walking down for supper, in the “worker’s” tent, I was stopped by the police to let some VIP, and their police escort through… not sure who it was… they didn’t wave back.

Done work… got in line for the gondola, unfortunately a thousand other people had the same idea… I walked home.

What else… oh yeah, my photo management software screwed up today, it won’t work at all.  I won’t mention the name of the company just yet… I’ll give them a day or two to respond.  It may sound trivial, but I have come to depend on this software… I take a lot of pictures.



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