feb.16.2010 snow day…

Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland… lot’s of snow, and plenty of ‘booms’ from the mountain tops… avalanche prevention.

Went into Whistler village a little early today to buy an “Edge” pass… a renewable ski pass with your picture on it.  What is it with these stupid picture cards?  I look like crap, a criminal, or both.  It doesn’t matter if it’s my Olympic accreditation, my work ID, the EDGE pass, and of course, who can forget the Costco card…  I always thought I had a rather unique name… according to the aussie getting me set up, there is one in Washington state too.

Had an uneventful day at work, in fact, I have absolutely nothing to report on that front…

Went into the village after work for supper and a stroll with Paul.  As usual, the crowds were out in full force, having a good time.  Bought some clothes for my wife and son, if they fit it will be a miracle.

There was a little excitement when we got back to our hotel…  fire alarm started going off!  Turns out some of our Russian friends burnt their pizza, alarm went off, everyone cleared out.  Fire department arrived only to be greeted by news crews from several different nationalities who were only interested in having some fun.  One of the cameramen was filming in his boxers…

Never a dull moment here in Whistler… night.


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