feb.17.2010 alpine skiing…

Got to go to an Olympic event today… Ladie’s Alpine Skiing.  Lineups were huge but moved fast… trip started with a bus ride down to Whistler village, followed by another bus ride to Whistler Creekside, a long walk down some hill, through fancy chalet style homes where we were presented with two options; walk uphill approximately 1km or downhill to the chair lift which brought us up to the venue, we chose the latter… quite a trip.  The event was rowdy, the women skiers very fast.  Saw a couple accidents, luckily they all walked away OK.

Went into work for an afternoon shift today, nothing unusual to report.  Normally I walk up to the track to check out whatever event is running that day… except today.  Today was two-man luge… hmmm.

Almost forgot, had a minor disaster today… left my beloved Tim Horton’s mug on the bus… this is the same mug we had to make two trips to Squamish to get… looks like I’ll have to find another.

Watched some boarders and skiers jumping through the flaming Olympic rings down in the Village on the way home… cool, or maybe hot.

That’s it…


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