feb.18.2010 covert op…

Slept in today… until 7:15am.  Spent the morning reading a good book; The Wheel of Darkness… it’s really good which is no surprise since I like these authors.

Went into Whistler Village early for banking and get a latte at Starbucks… had a nice walk around town, ran into a lady with the exact same camera bag as me… this is surprising since they are relatively rare… see picture here.

Went to work, on the gondola of course, with my latte.  We were told we couldn’t bring any liquids through security so I was forcing it down… didn’t get to enjoy it at all.  Just as I was finished, the kind security lady told me it was OK to bring it in…

Today’s event was the skeleton, like luge but head first… looks scary.

Went for supper in the ‘Worker’s Tent’… watched Canada beat Switzerland.  Close game, lot’s of cheering in the tent… food was good too!

Got back to hotel and had a few drinks with Sausage & Pepper (Paul & Mike)… at some point we decided that a covert op was in order… we needed to find out if the rumor was true about some guy sleeping in his truck instead of his hotel room.  Paul and I prepared by dressing in black, balaclavas, ski helmets and masks… we were ready for anything.  We stuck close to the walls, tried to look nonchalant in the elevator (in front of other guests), and generally stay incognito while our handler, Pepper, manned the elevator…. we came up empty handed.

That’s it for tonight…


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