feb.27.2010 medals & famous people…

Got up around 7:30am today… had breakfast and went for a drive with Pat and Paul… did a little shopping.

Went to Whistler Sliding Centre with Pat to watch the final runs of 4-man boblsed… Canada won Bronze.

When we arrived at the track I was randomly selected, again, for a security check… Pat walked right on through.  We got lucky… there was a bus waiting to bring us up top… to the start line.  Unfortunately our bus was put on hold, we didn’t know why.  Eventually we saw a “VIP” going up with an RCMP escort, rumour was that is was Oprah… this is unconfirmed.

While at the bobsled start line ran into Chef Michael Smith… for the third time.  This time I have proof!

Back at hotel to pickup Paul for dinner in the Village… this time at Earl’s.  Walked around the Village… bought a few odds ‘n ends.  Waited outside at several stores for Pat to shop, he’s a little slow… had to put pressure on him a few times.

Back at hotel for a couple drinks with the boys, discussed “man” stuff… Paul made us some dip… not bad!

Lots of medals for Canada today!  GO CANADA!


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