feb.26.2010 skiing & pat…

Got up early… felt like Christmas morning.  We were going skiing for the day with much more modern skis.

Skied the whole day… started with green runs, progressed to blue, then to black diamond… that was a mistake though.  By the end of the day my legs were rubber… decided to finish off with a couple more runs to cool down… green only.

Back at the hotel… did some laundry, soaked a while in the hot-tub, went for a swim then finished the laundry.

Went into the Village for supper with Paul… did a little grocery shopping too.

Back at hotel, watched the rest of ladies curling… no Gold this time, we’ll take the silver.  Men’s hockey is on right now… Canada vs Slovakia, currently it’s 2-0 for Canada.

Pat finally made it to Whistler!  Sid is here too… the ball breaker.


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  1. Well, i really have to say that i watched at a couple of great matches the past week. But i must say that it is not said our neighbours will win with ease from the USA. Again Canada won with some luck today from Slovakia. USA will win sunday with 6-2! Something else: Crosby! Put a smile at your face !

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