feb.25.2010 guelph, medals, & bars…

Took the usual commute to work today… bus/gondola.  While going through security ran into a police officer from Guelph… that’s where I live!  Unfortunately I was randomly selected for a “thorough screening” so didn’t get much time to chat… turns out the ‘screener’ was a wireless engineer from China… looking for work.

Went into the Village with Darren and Paul to see the medal ceremonies… couldn’t get in, had no tickets, but found a spot where we could peer through one of the security tents and see the stage.  Turns out the view wasn’t that good… decided to go to the Village square to watch on the big screen… saw the Canadian women’s bobsled teams get their Gold and Silver medals… crowd was emotional, not us… we’re men.

After supper, dropped by the CTV booth again… there always seems to be something happening there.  CTV was just finishing an interview with the women’s Gold medal bobsled team… got another ‘high five’ from Heather Moyse.

Quickly left the area in search of a drink… found Merlin’s, “Home of the extreme Apres Ski”.  Had a jug of Kokanee then left… not really our type of crowd… to extreme.  Decided to walk up the ski slope to our hotel, instead of taking the free bus ride… we all agreed afterward that this was a stupid decision.



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