feb.24.2010 jet, athletes, & champagne…

Went to work… who cares, the important stuff happened after that.

Back at hotel, watched Canadian men beat Russia in hockey… “hey, hey, hey, goodbye…”, then Canadian women win Gold & Silver in two-man bobsled!  That’s three medals at my venue!

Went into the Village… had tickets for the Jet concert.  A little rain didn’t dampen our spirit, heard many of their hits.  Saw Chef Michael Smith… again… then left.

Dropped into the Lululemon store to pickup one of those ‘soft’ hockey helmets you see all over the Village.  While there, I ran into Alexandre Bilodeau… our first Gold medal winner at home!  Said hi and shook hands…

Made our way to the CTV booth in the Village… hoping to get a glimpse of the Canadian women’s bobsled teams, both Gold and Silver.  We got there a little early… waited over an hour, but got in the front row of the “gauntlet”.  When they finally arrived I was able to ‘high-five’ all four of them!  The National Anthem was sung… twice, chants of “Go Canada Go” were rampant…  it was good to see so many Canadians out having a good time, and being a little patriotic too… nice touch.  One of the women from the bobsled team gave a champagne bottle a good shake and sprayed the crowd… what a night.

That’s it… can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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