feb.23.2010 bobsled, bars, & cows

Another tough day at work today… got to watch four-man bobsled practice.  The practices are cool because there are NO spectators around and us ‘behind-the-scenes’ guys get to roam around and watch the action up close.

Back at hotel, walked today, rested for an hour… after my hard day at work.

Went into Village with Darren & Paul… started out at the Savage Beagle, the official Jamaican Bobsled House in Whistler… had a drink.  Followed this with a stop at La Brasserie (no link)… not impressed.  Made a quick stop at the Cow Store… the unfortunate cow statue out front got milked and inspected… thanks Darren!

Hung out at the Swiss House to watch the guys blow their Big Horns… waited for the athletes to show up with their medals… gave up… went and got a Beaver Tail instead.  Listened to a few songs from tonight’s band; The Fray… we were not inside the venue but you could see and hear the band if you stood in just the right spot.

Watched Joannie Rochettes ice dance on the big screen with hundreds of other fans from around the world, she danced very well… under the circumstances.  Saw some guy in red tights with matching red wig, and some flashing red lights running all over the place… one minute he had a Swiss flag, the next he had a Canadian flag… looked like he was having fun.

Back to hotel… time to relax.  Good night…


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