feb.22.2010 devo, dinner, & big horn…

Got a ride into work today… no gondola.  Kind of a quiet day, heard some of the teams working on their bobsleds… one of the guys I work with was getting really excited, he had tickets to see Devo in the “Whistler Medals Plaza”.  Larry was hoping to get into the Superfans section… good luck Larry!

Got back to hotel early… cleaned up, took bus to Village. I was meeting Gayla and her friend Amanda for supper.  Gayla is a friend from Guelph… Amanda is her friend from Australia.  Had dinner at Earl’s, Beaver Tails for dessert, followed by lattes at Starbucks.  Walked around the Village a little, finally found the ‘Peak-2-Peak’ shirt for Lori… bought it.  They also had cute undies there with the quote; “Cheek-to-Cheek”… funny.

Saw some guy blowing one of those gigantic Swiss (I think) horns… someone from the crowd was passing by and yelled out: “Ricolaaaaaaa”… that was funny too.  A little later some guy was trying to interview the horn player, asking lots of questions… the guy just kept right on blowing… that was hilarious!

Remember those skis I bought (really cheap) the other day?  I was going to bring them home, but decided to donate them to the “SID” foundation… I feel good about myself.

Until tomorrow…


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