feb.21.2010 surprise…

Back to work today…

Dropped into the Village on the way to work to exchange my defective boots… you should have seen the lineup at the Olympic store!  Saw one of our Canadian athletes proudly wearing her GOLD medal, not sure which one she was though… sorry.

Went to work, watched some Men’s Two Man Bobsled… pretty neat, by the looks of the crowds… very popular.

Back at the hotel, Paul and I went for a work-out… met a couple ‘past’ members of the Austrian Olympic team; one a ski jumper, the other an alpine skier, now they are working for the Austrian media… went for a swim… refreshing.

Paul made Sid and I supper… steaks and salad, he’s a good cook… forced us to eat bread a week past it’s ‘best before’ date, hopefully we won’t pay for it later tonight…

Oh yeah… had a little surprise at work today… went to use one of the many porta-potties only to walk in on some poor women in ‘mid-stream’… you should have seen the look on her face… oops.  Bet she’ll lock the door next time…

Not the most exciting day…


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