feb.20.2010 2nd day off…

Had another day off… decided to do some touring with Paul.

Drove up to Pemberton first… had breakfast at Wild Wood… came highly recommended by my colleagues… it was worth the drive.  There was a whole page dedicated to my favorite dish; Eggs Benedict!  After breakfast, drove a little further into the interior… awesome views.

On the way back, stopped at some military compound to take some pictures of the helicopters… they were being guarded by a soldier with an automatic weapon, not something you normally see in this area.  We spoke to the soldier… turns out he is one of our customers… a happy one, thank God.

Came back through Whistler and kept right on going to Squamish to re-supply… took a lot of pictures going up and down the Sea-to-Sky highway.

Back at the hotel we relaxed on our balcony waiting for our laundry to finish… went into Village for supper; Opa’s Greek food… found a diamond earring… left it with the cashier.

Did some more shopping tonight… bought some really nice hiking boots… brought them home, put them on, broke the strap!  Unbelievable!

Back at the hotel… sitting with the boys, discussing the days events… went for a tour of Sid’s room, not bad.  He thought his room was better than ours, then he saw our view… we win.


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