mar.2.2010 vancouver & party…

Ran out of time to post yesterday… combined a couple days, not much going on anyway.

Mar.01: Took the Sea to Sky highway back to Vancouver… is there any other way?  I have no idea.  Made several stops for photo ops… switched drivers at one point since I had an important call to take.  Back in Vancouver… checked into hotel; the Westin Grand… very nice!  I’m on the 16th floor, overlooking BC Place.  It must have been a mad house out there during the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

There was a private party for all of us ‘workers’ at the Players Chophouse / Bell Ice Cube.  While standing in line Paul mentioned that the person behind us looked like one of the speed skaters… I turned to look and confirmed it was Clara Hughes, introduces ourselves… congratulated her, met her husband… had a nice chat.  They are both very nice people.  Party went on all night, had a great time… traded a lot of stories.

On the way ‘home’, two blocks away… decided to stop for a bite to eat.  Found a place selling “monster wings” and beer of course.  The wings were very large and looked suspiciously like drumsticks… tasty.

Mar.02: Little bit of admin today, shipped some stuff back home, did some paperwork made some arrangements.

Went to Dave’s Fish & Chips for supper, not bad… chowder was awesome, fish was even better… recommended!

Decided to switch hotels… tomorrow I’m leaving downtown Vancouver for Richmond… it’s all part of the Odyssey.


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