mar.4.2010 steveston…

feb.3: Left the Westin Grand this morning… two days early!  Everyone thought I was NUTS leaving this posh hotel for a second-rate one in the outskirts.  I had my motives though… went to stay with Pat to get ready for the Odyssey, our trip to California.

Had supper in Steveston… a quaint fishing village near Richmond, really good food.

feb.4: Did a bit of touring around Vancouver today… checked out the aquarium in Stanley Park… not bad, bit pricey… I guess money goes to a good cause.

Went to Steveston again for supper… this time a Greek restaurant… very good.  Dropped in at the local bread shop for a chat with the owner… he showed us his custom made, wood fired, bread oven.  Thinks it might be the biggest or second biggest of it’s kind in Canada… apparently it can take up to ten days to get to baking temperature and three weeks to cool down… the fire never goes out, unless he goes on holidays.

Down at the waterfront Pat thought he made an archeological find… the first Vikings on the West coast… turned out to be the name of a boat though.  When you get the chance give Steveston a visit and ask Pat about the “Red Sphere”.



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