mar.6.2010 victoria to newport…

Got up this morning and remembered to call my dad to wish him Happy Birthday… see Lori, I didn’t forget… I admit I wrote myself a reminder though.  After that, we prepared for our ferry ride across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles, Washington.  How does one prepare?  With Eggs Benedict… my favourite breakfast meal.  The ride was uneventful…

The drive to Newport, Oregon is around 600km.  We took the scenic route; highway 101 all the way there.  Drove through Olympic National Park in Washington State… as far as I can tell, that was the only scenic part… got some nice pictures.  Oregon is a completely different matter… seemed like it was scenic the whole way, lot’s of nice pictures.

After crossing the border into Oregon our first stop was Starbucks for a latte… the young fella at the counter was SHOCKED that coming from Canada, we didn’t have an accent… in fact, he thought we spoke just like him… imagine that!  We through in an “eh” to make him happy.

Finally got to our destination at 9pm… looks like a really nice hotel.  We are right on the ocean and while we can’t actually see the ocean we can hear the surf crashing down below… maybe I’ll get up early to have a look.

That’s it… tomorrow it’s off to Eureka, California…


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